The POW/MIA Memorial

American Ex-Prisoners of War, New Hampshire Chapter
Want to Thank Everyone who helped us reach our goal

Dedicated September 21, 2007, on POW/MIA Recognition Day, these monuments have been a long - due tribute to our New Hampshire former prisoners of war. The side markers name those who made the ultimate scrafice while prisoners during WWII and the Korea Conflict.

Contribution from our members, the 2007 Bike-Week booths at Harley Davidson-Buell, Inc., and the Rolling Thunder Booth at the Broken Spoke, and much appreciated vounteers from the VA Medical Center made possible our first payment of $10,000.00 to Perry Monument Brothers!

We are so happy to report that the mounment has been paid in full and those who had out of pocket expenses have been repaid. We want to Thank you all for your help. At this time any monies we receive will go towards a perpetual care donation will be given directly to the NH State Veterans Cemetery.


Any additional monies from the Reflective Fountain will be used to assist with the perpetual care fund for the POW Mounument that is located on the Memorial Walkway.


World War II
NH Prisoners Who Died in Captivity

Ash, Wesley
Balukevicuis, Waldo
Bodnar, Stanley, L.
Brokenshire, Herbert C.
Browne, Charles J.
Chase, Robert P.
Corcoran, James L.
Corliss, Irving A.
Crandall, Robert W.
Cuss, John A.
Douglass, Francis M.
Edwards, Houston E.
Falardeau, Robert C.


Gay, Burt C.
Gervais, Joseph F.
Gilbert, James W.
Hall, George W.
Hall, Robert S.
Henson, Dudley A.
Hodgkins, Jr., Ray K.
Leighton, Harry R.
Lemelin, Albert L.
Lund, Elliott R.
Marston, William H.
Maynard, Roland J.
McLaughlin, Patrick T.
Nourse, Jonas E.

Packard, Henry H.
Papienuk, Adolph S.
Pease, Jr., Harl
Picard, James J.
Pierce, Charles R.
Pineau, Austin J.
Prescott, Paul H.
Rivet, Louis J.
Rush, Douglass B.
Ryder, John F.
St. Laurent, Joseph N.
Stearns, Frederick A.
Sullivan, Josheph A.
Young, Peter M.

Korean War
NH Prisoners Who Died in Captivity

Ashley, Francis W.
Botsford, Philip A.
Charles, Madison F.
Curley, Jr., George A.
Dick, Myron G.
Dubay, Gerald L.J.


Dunham, Leland R.
Fleming, Frederick E.
Fletcher, Robert S.
Frazier, Reginald E.
Hesseltine, Jr., Herbert A.
Jordan, Paul H.

Pelletier, Joseph N.
Richard, Elmer P.
Ritter, Wallace F.
Robillard Joseph A.
Sidney, Alfred H.
Tremblay, Aurel

Vietnam War



Lowny, Clyde D.
Badolati, Frank A.
* Burnett, Sheldon J.
Helmich, Gerald R.
Molleavey, Quinten E.
Page, Jr., Albert L.
* Stickney, Phillip J.
Sullivan, Robert J.

*remains returned



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