Welcome to the Blue Star Mothers of New Hampshire

Becoming a Military Parent


On behalf of the Blue Star Mother's of America, it is with great honor that we welcome you into the journey of being a military parent! 

We are there with you as you cross the bridge to becoming a Blue Star Mother and Father to support you in any way we can. 

We are a support group, whose members consist of Mothers, Fathers, Spouses, Siblings, Grandparents, Extended Family and Friends of someone who has or has had a loved one in the military. We support each other, our military and veterans. 

Since WWI mothers have hung "Blue Star Flags" in their windows while their children served in the armed forces especially during conflicts or wars. 

To be a Blue Mother or Father is an Honor only your child can give to you. The Blue Star stands for hope and pride. 

Becoming a military parent continues the life long journey ... of hope and pride. As when your child was born, you were filled with that hope and pride as well as excitement, anxiety, fear and great joy. As you step into the walk of being a military parent that journey continues and once again life changes. You find yourself noticing even more the patriotic symbols all around you, flying your United States flag with a different kind of pride. Thus "Supporting Our Troops" in a way you have probably never before. 

Life changes, as your child will hold him or herself to a higher standard, you too will find it changes your life. Forever supporting your child in a different way with even more hope and pride for serving our country to keep our land free. 

May you and your child be blessed while this journey of life unfolds!

Remember: "To be a Blue Star Mother or Father is an Honor only your child can give to you!" 

Written by: Jean T. Duane
National 2nd Vice President ~ 2007


Your child is in the Military, Now what do you do?
You are invited to join our
meetings and events

When: Third Wednesday of the Month 

Where: Manchester Armory
1059 Canal Street
Manchester, NH 03101

Time: 6:00pm 

For further information contact: 
Kathy Jerome:


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